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Mixing It Up

Mixing It Up is an introduction to beer mixology. What I found was that a lot of mixology books don't really cover beer mixes, blends, or cocktails in a sufficiently detailed or complete manner. So I decided to write the book on beer mixology. The contents of the book divide up naturally into three sections: (1) beer blends, (2) beer mixers, and (3) beer cocktails. Beer blends are beers mixed with other beers. Beer mixers are beers mixed with nonalcoholic beverages. Beer cocktails are beers mixed with liqueurs and other (non-beer) alcoholic beverages.

The text of Mixing It Up was serialized during 2007 on The Spirit World.

Popular Beer Cocktails

Absolutely Nuts
stout, 1 shot of vodka, 1 shot of Irish Cream, 1 tsp sugar, 2 cherries. (I doubt that anyone has actually made this. Irish Cream tends to coagulate and look really nasty in stout.)
Ale Punch
ale, shots of brandy and sherry, add cloves cinnamon, sugar, and lemon juice (server warm?)
Baltimore Zoo
Mix gin, vodka, rum, tequila, Guinness (or any stout I presume), and grenadine.
Bee Sting
dark beer and orange juice
Black Adder
unblended Poor Man's Black Velvet, cider on bottom, stout on top (see also Crown Float)
Black & Tan
equal parts stout and pale ale
Black Bart
equal parts stout and cola
Black Cossask
stout and vodka
Black Pecker
stout blended with Woodpecker cider
Black Velvet
equal parts stout and champagne
Blow My Skull Off
stout, rum, cayenne pepper, lime juice, and opium (optional)
a glass of beer with a shot of whiskey (either poured in, or as a chaser)
Broadway (or Diesel)
equal parts lager and cola (popular in Japan)
Caffeine Bomb
Newcastle Brown Ale, Espresso, Jack Daniels, and Red Bull
see Irish Car Bomb
Caribbean Night
beer mixed with coffee liquer
Cerveza Preparada (see also Chavela)
Mexican term for beer cocktails, covers many beer cocktails with traditionally Mexican ingredients -- think Mexican shandy
Chavela (see also Red Eye)
beer (usually Mexican beer) mixed with tomato, V8 juice, or Clamato, optionally season with hot sauce or salsa, served in an ice-cold salt-rimmed mug and garnished with crudite (carrot or celery) and/or shrimp
Chocolate Truffle
Young's Double Chocolate Stout with a splash of Lindemans Framboise (Raspberry) Lambic
Cider Cup
basically a cider sangria, fresh crushed orange slices mixed with 5 measures of cream sherry, 3 measures of orange liqueur, and 2 measures of amaretto, added to cider
Clamato Beer
3 parts Clamato and the juice of half a lemon or lime, 1 part Mexican beer, add hot sauce to taste, coat rim of glass with mixture of salt and chili powder, served on ice
hefeweizen mixed with cola, popular in Germany
Cream of Wheat
equal parts stouts and hefeweizen
Crown Float
a branded version of the Black Adder specifically requiring Strongbow cider and Guinness stout
Dark & Smooth
stout and port
Diesel (or Diesel Shandy)
see Broadway, evidently Diesel is the German name for a Broadway, (see also Colaweizen)
a Snakebite with a shot of cassis
glass of beer with a shot of rum
Dr Pepper (or Flaming Dr Pepper)
3/4 shot of amaretto, 1/4 shot of Bacardi 151, set the shot on fire (optional unless you want the Flaming variety) and then drop it into a glass half full of beer (warning, people have been injured trying to consume this drink)
Flaming Cheeky Tractor
half pint of beer, Baileys Irish Cream, Smirnoff Ice, port, WKD Blue, sambuca.
Gator Beer
beer mixed with Gatorade
Green Monster
a Snakebite with a shot of Midori and a shot of Blue Curacao
in the Snakebite family of beer cocktails, in Australia, a Snakebite is just beer and grenadine (no cider), it's known as a Grenadine in French-speaking parts of Europe, or Grena-beer, or Christmas beer (see Wikipedia: "Snakebite")
Half & Half
equal parts stout and lager
lager topped with WKD Blue
Hummingbird Water
pear cider with a splash of Lindemans Framboise (Raspberry) Lambic
Irish Car Bomb (or Belfast Car Bomb)
Irish style stout with a shot of Irish whiskey (poured in)
Irish Setter
stout layered with IPA
Lava Lamp
equal parts stout and lager with a splash of Lindemans Framboise (Raspberry) Lambic
Lager & Lime
equal parts lager and lime soda
Liquid Viagra (Penis Stretcher)
beer with Red Bull
Liverpool Kiss (Black & Black)
stout with a shot of cassis (black currant liquer)
Loaded Corona
basically a high octane shandy, it's lager with a shot of Bicardi Limon
Maui Mouthwash
fruit beer, rum, vodka, blue curacao, & pineapple juice
Magické Oko
shot of zelená liqueur dropped into a glass of beer
McLester Bomb
Red Stripe and a shot of Jamaican rum
Mexican Iced Tea
1/2 shot of tequila, 3 shots of Mexican beer, served on ice with a lime
Michelada (or Cubana)
beer poured over ice with juice of one lemon, add a dash of soy sauce, Tobasco, and Worcestershire, add a pinch of salt and pepper (Tequila optional). Another variation includes mixing equal parts beer and tomato juice or Clamato.
Mountain Dew
melon liqueur in a shot glass dropped into a glass of shandy
beer mixed with cola, milk, and a shot of rum
Negro y Marron (Mexican Black and Tan)
1 or 1.5 parts Clamato, juice from half a lemon or lime, 2 parts Corona, 2 parts Negra Modelo, 1/3 part tequila, season with hot sauce (to taste), coat rim of glass with salt, served on ice
New England Hay Ride
equal parts Magic Hat #9 and stout
Nut 'n Honey
nut brown ale and mead
Oatmeal Cookie
Young's Oatmeal Stout with a splash of Lindemans Framboise (Raspberry) Lambic
Ogre Juice
Sleeman's Cream Ale with with 2 shots of whiskey
shandy made with stout and lemonade
Radler (Bavarian Shandy or Panaché)
2 parts hefeweizen with 1 part lemonade or lemon soda. Here's a quote from that reliable source of information, Pravda: "Legend has it that in 1922 Munich chemist/bartender Franz Xaver Kugler ran out of beer serving thousands of cyclists, so he started combining lemonade with the lager. While not as tasty or famous as the Arnold Palmer (iced tea, you are lemon's true compliment), the Radler is still drunk in Germany and Austria as a summer thirst quencher (and a terrific buzz-getter)."
Raging Bull
Corona, tequila, and Red Bull
Raspberry Cream
hefeweizen with a splash of Lindemans Framboise (Raspberry) Lambic
Red Eye (Tomato Beer or Red Rooster, see also Chavela)
beer and tomato juice
Reuter Tooter
shot of cranberry liqueur and beer
Ruddy Mary
a traditional bloody mary made with beer instead of vodka (bascially a Red Eye with a splash of Tobasco and, optionally, a dash of Worcestershire)
Shandy (or Shandy Gaff)
3 parts beer to 1 part ginger ale
Skip and Go Naked
beer, gin, grenadine, and lemon juice
one part beer, one part vodka, one part lemonade
Smoothie (Poor Man's Black Velvet)
equal parts stout and cider
equal parts lager and cider, but there are many variations of this drink (see also Snakebite and Black, Diesel, Snakey B, Purple Nasty, Purple, Black, and Red Beer, all associated with the addition of creme de cassis; see also, Black Adder and Crown Float)
South Wind
beer mixed with melon liqueur
Strongbow and Red Bull
Teacher Creature
Scottish ale, scotch, and Drambuie
Long Island Iced Tea with beer and Kahlua added
Tom Bass
Bass and a shot of Jagermeister
Tom O'Hawk (or Tomahawk)
half pint of stout with a double shot of vodka, topped with Smirnoff Ice
beer and vodka
Whistle Belly Vengeance
beer with a shot of rum and a shot of molasses
Woodruff Berliner Weisse (Waldmeister)
wheat beer with two shots of Woodruff syrup
beer mixed with lots of vodka