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Our Beers

Unlike other, bigger breweries, we are not manufacturers of a line of beers. We are artisan brewers. That means that we “hand craft” each of our beers. We've heard stories of other breweries out there being forced to produce the same beer over and over again, but that won't be us. We just like to play with things. We do have a Pilsner, an Oktoberfest, a Munich Lager, a Helles, a Schwartzbier, etc. We make a whole line of damn good lagers. But each batch is a little different. That's just the way we like it.

Below you'll see a list of what we are working on at the moment and what's currently available. And if you keep scrolling down you'll find some descriptions of some of our old favorites.

Available or Coming Soon!

The beers listed below are presently in our brewing line-up and are either fermenting or on tap at an establishment near you (we hope). [Updated: 23 Feb 2015]

  1. Das Saftige
  2. Amber Pils
  3. Red Saison (NY Series)
  4. Pilsner (Polaris and Hallertauer hops)
  5. Quad (Belgian-style)
  6. Trippel (Belgian-style)
  7. Irish Red (brewed 23 Feb 2015)
  8. Hefe
  9. By-tor Bock
  10. Snowdog
  11. English-style Ale (as yet unnamed / NY Series)

On Tap Near You!

The best way to find out where our beers are is with Beer Menus.

Here's a list of current RPAB / Secret Artisan locations:

Look for our beer at these fine locations:


(38 IBU, 5.0% ABV) Our Pilsner is based on a recipe for traditional Bavarian-style Pilsner, but we've added a few extra special ingredients to put a new spin on an old style. Forget everything you've ever thought about Pilsner and try ours. What you'll taste in your glass is an intense maltiness, a spicy hopiness, and a prickly effervescence. This lager beer is designed for maximum refreshment and maximum flavor. We brew this beer year 'round, but we change the hops with the seasons. This edition features Mittelfreuh hops. Enjoy!

Belgian Wheat

(26 IBU, 4.7% ABV)With the arrival of spring, we thought we'd mark the occasion with the introduction of a new beer to our lineup: our Belgian Wheat. We're not calling it a Wit because we haven't used any orange peel or coriander in the recipe. However, we've designed this wheat beer to be an hybrid of Beligan-style Wit and a Saison. Our aim was to produce a dry, light, refreshing beer. We think we've succeeded. We've used a blend of Belgian yeasts to give this beer all those wonderful flavors you would expect in a Belgian-style beer and we balanced those with a dose of noble hops. We don't think anyone else has ever made a Belgian-style beer quite like this. We hope you like it. We certainly do!


(22 IBU, 7.8% ABV) Our Maibock is crafted in the style of the great German-style Maibocks that we love to drink. As the name might suggest, this bock beer is traditionally ready for Spring celebrations during the month of May. Bock beers usually have a little more flavor and a little more alcohol than your regular everyday drinking beer. We've decided to give this beer more hop character which is why we've called this bock "Edel-Hell". Edel means noble, which is the sort of hop with used (in this case German Hallertauer hops). Hell is just a scary word for "light in color."

Irish Porter

(12 IBU 6.0% ABV) With the coming of St Patrick's Day near at hand, we have brewed a special version of our porter to celebrate the Irish heritage and traditions of our Island home. Our Irish Porter is dark, roasty, and while it finishes dry, the ale leaves just a hint of sweetness for you to savor between sips. You'll notice that this is a surprisingly rich and full flavored porter with a low hop bitterness that allows the blend of dark malts to take their place on center stage.

Irish Red

(24 IBU 5.1% ABV)This Irish Red isn't just for St Patrick's Day. We've designed our version to give you that extra bit of flavor.

Traditional Irish Reds are lightly hopped, a bit sweet on the tongue, and finish dry. We wanted to start with that same idea, but increase the toasty maltiness and accentuate the hoppiness to produce a bolder Irish Red.


(42 IBU 6.7% ABV) Most breweries make a hoppy Pale Ale or an India Pale Ale. We get a lot of requests for hoppy beers, so we decided to invent our own, something we call a Western Red Ale. We call ours Cimarron after the reddish river that runs through central Oklahoma. What you should expect from Cimarron is a balance of rich malt flavor and American hoppiness. We recommend you drink Cimarron while wearing a cowboy hat.


(15 IBU 4.8% ABV) Our Altbier is done in the traditional German style, amber, smooth, and thirst quenching. "Alt" means "old" but here refers to the "old method of brewing" before lager yeasts were isolated and use preferentially. This German beer is fermented with an ale yeast, but at not too high a temperature. From this beer you'll get the clean crispness of a lager and the pleasant fruity notes of an ale. The best of both worlds.

Erta Ale

(18 IBU 11.3% ABV) Erta Ale is named after a lava lake in Ethiopia. The name translates as the "Gateway to Hell" and follows the tradition of naming strong non-Trappist Belgian- style ales after the Devil. For example, Duval, Beelzabub, Lucifer and Satan. Erta Ale is a Belgian farmhouse ale hybrid with a Belgian Strong Red Ale. This 11.3% ABV Belgian ale is spicy, lightly malty and slightly tart. A blend of Belgian farmhouse and wild yeast (lactobacillus) create a complex character of fruit and spice. You will notice some peppery heat in the dry finish. The brewers at RPAB are excited to share this brew we have been conditioning for close to 6 months.

Doppel Bock

(18 IBU 7.9% ABV) This is a traditional German-style Doppel Bock. Low in bitterness, smooth, but with plenty of warmth for the colder months. Extremely refreshing and restorative. Enjoy!

Winter Warmer Ale

(38 IBU 7.2% ABV) To mark the coming of the Winter season RPAB has created this English ESB inspired brew. This ale is a warming balance of Crystal and Munich malt. A generous amount of Kent Goldings in the finish provides an earthy spicy balance to the malt. At 7.2% you may notice some heat in the finish. This hearty ale has a balanced bitterness and is satisfyingly malty.

Ardennes Tripel

(10.5% ABV.) Released on 14 October 2012. Golden, smooth, warming.


Pure golden goodness. Our pilsner is our hoppiest beer. The hops we use vary throughout the year, but typically we reach for the German-style noble hops. In late October, or early November 2012, look for a version of our Pilsner hopped with Long Island-grown Mt. Hood hops from Condzella's Farm in Wading River.


This is a rich, malty, bold interpretation of the Oktoberfest style.

Doppel Schwarz

(18 IBU 7.2% ABV.) We've invented a new beer style. Our Doppel Schwarz is based on our Schwarzbier recipe, but we've adjusted the volume to 11. Just call it "Midnight".

Schwarzbier is a traditional German black lager. It's black, opaque and will taste of chocolate and coffee. It's the lager equivalent of a stout. We've used a special dark malt in this beer that is extra chocolaty. Think of a dark chocolate bar melted into a cup of strong coffee. This beer has lots of flavor, but it will be smooth and easy to drink.


(12 IBU 6% ABV) To mark the coming of the fall season RPAB has brought together two great German-style beers in the same glass. Their thirst quenching, tart Hefeweizen is blended in the fermenter with their Oktoberfest to create what they call Oktoberweisse.

The beer has a low bitterness and is satisfyingly malty, but should be tart and prickly. Sedimentation is natural and characteristic of a fresh wheat beer.

Calypso Red Saison

(38 IBU 6.2% ABV) Saison is a traditional Belgian-French "farmhouse" style ale. This is a working person's beer and is intended to be a fortifying, thirst quenching, relaxer. Our Saison is fresh and unfiltered to maximize your enjoyment.

This beer features Calypso hops. In the aroma you'll get complex fruity and citrusy notes --- think pears and apples. You might be able to pick out a hint of lemon-lime in the flavor and earthy (tea-like) spiciness.


(14 IBU 4.8% ABV) This traditional German-style ale is light and refreshing, an ideal summer beer. It's golden in color. The cloudiness comes from a combination of yeast and wheat malt that remains in suspension which imparts a "whiteness" to the beer. In fact, the other name for this beer style is weissbier or "white beer." The beer has a low bitterness, but should be tart and prickly. Sedimentation is natural and characteristic of a fresh hefeweizen.