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Want Beer?

If you are a restaurant (bar / tavern) owner / manager and would like to have RPAB on tap at your establishment, we'd be happy to schedule a delivery. We have a limited distribution range, so if you've not ordered from us before, keep in mind that (because of our small volume) we do faraway deliveries when we have enough orders to justify a trip. Currently we deliver all points on the North Shore from Wading River to Stony Brook. We do deliveries to Huntington and to Patchogue also.

Before you order, check out our list of beers coming soon to see if you'd like to preorder something. Otherwise, the beers below are what's presently in stock.

We brew in tiny batches, so there are not many kegs of each kind at any given time. We fill orders as they come in, so be patient with us if we're out of what you want at the moment. All of our beers are packaged in sixtels. If you want a half-barrel of a particular kind, we can help, but you'll need to order that in advance.

Currently Available

Coming Soon!

The beers listed below are presently fermenting and will be available soon.

  1. Hefeweizen
  2. Belgian Wheat
  3. Pilsner
  4. June Bock
  5. Calypso Red Saison

To order beer, just email us, artisan brewers at gmail (dot) com, with what you want and how much. Cheers!